Picklist Tab Overview

The picklist module manages picking items for orders.When an item is picked from a bin, it is automatically transferred to a warehouse “PickingBin”. The picking bin is created by the system, with a unique picking bin for every warehouse. For example, Default Warehouse with ID “86” will have a picking bin named PickingBin Warehouse-86.

 Please Note: Picklists must be generated by warehouse. Controlled by client setting in SellerCloud Enable Pick List Generation by Warehouse.

There are 3 ways you can pick products.

  1. Product Based – Recommended for picking single item orders.
  2. Order Based – Recommended for picking multi-item orders.
  3. Kit Based – Recommended for picking kit-only orders.

Optimally, orders should be sorted by the above properties before generating a picklist. This means you should filter single item orders and non-kits, and generate a picklist. Then do the same for multi-item and kits only orders. the picklists will then be able to be picked in full based on the selected options.Products will only be available for picking if the order is paid.

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