PutAway Module

Put Away is the process of taking inventory that has been received into temporary receiving bins, and putting them away in their bin on  the warehouse shelf.

Putaway in Skustack works by assembling put away lists. The products on the list are then placed on a cart which is a an interim bin know as the putaway  bin. From there the items are transported around the warehouse and transferred to its bin on the shelf.
Products can be added to the lists from the Put Away module, or they can be added during a PO or RMA receiving Session.

PutAway from a PO and RMA

  1. After receiving the item, slide the PO/RMA screen down to reveal the “Add to Putaway List” icon.
  2. Press on the Putaway list icon.
  3. The default putaway bin displays but can be edited.
  4. The interim bin The interim bin represents the cart on which the product will be moved to their location in the warehouse. By default it loads with pre configured “PutAway Bin for that warehouse.
  5. Scan/Enter the Original bin –  the bin into which the items were temporarily received.
  6. Check Select All if you are adding all items/units from that bin onto the putaway list.
  7. Press Go.
  8. The items will be added to the list.
  9. You can add more items if necessary, by sliding down the screen and hitting the search sign.
  10. Press or scan any item.
  11. Select or scan the final bin.
  12. Then scan each unit or enter the number of units, and “putaway”.

    https://sites.google.com/a/sellercloud.com/skustack-documentation/home/warehouse-management-tab/inventory-transfer-tab/put-away-module/putaway.png https://sites.google.com/a/sellercloud.com/skustack-documentation/home/warehouse-management-tab/inventory-transfer-tab/put-away-module/putaway2.png
  13. Continue to put away all products on the list.

Putaway From Putaway Module

You can search by product or list ID to find products already on a putaway list.
Then select/scan product and transfer to final bin.

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