FBA Shipment in Skustack


The FBA Shipments picking module is located under the FBA Shipment tab.
In this module you can pick units for FBA Inbound Shipments.

The are 2 modes for picking FBA Shipments. Use the filter to toggle between the 2 modes:

  1. Search By ID- picks a single FBA Shipment.
  2. Search By Amazon ShipmentID-
  3. Search By Tracking Number
  4. Search All- picks SKUs for multiple FBA Shipments. You will be able to pick an entire shipment in this mode, as well.
    sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment search modes


Searching and picking FBA shipments

  1. In FBA Tab, select FBAInbound PickList > Search.
  2. Click Mode > select desired mode.
  3. Scan a shipment barcode or enter the Sellercloud shipment ID > Go.
    sellercloud skustack search for FBA inbound shipment
  4. All products in the shipment with their pick qty will display. Qty already picked will display as well.
    sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment picklist
  5. Swiping on the items reveals shortcuts to other actions, such as kit assembly and labels.
    sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment items shortcuts
  6. Scan or select an item. If the item is a kit parent and needs assembly, read here.
  7. Scan or enter a bin, or select from the suggested bins. You can slide the item to the left to see the bins in which product has qty.
  8. Scan units to add to the picked qty. Or enter the number manually.
sellercloud skustack fba inbound shipment scan picked items
  1. If applicable, click Replacement to search for valid replacements.
  2. Press Pick to update the picked qty.
  3. Select the FBA Shipment (when split into multiple destinations) for which to pick. Or select all.
  • The picked qty will be saved to the product and shipment.
  • The picked qty is tracked so you can see what was already picked.


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