Exporting Bin Information

You can export information on your Bins trough the Sellercloud web interface.

  1. Navigate Inventory > Warehouses > Manage Warehouse Bins
  2. Select desired bins.
  3. Click Action Menu > Download All Bins.
    sellercloud skustack download bin inventory
  4. The file contains info on the BinName, WarehouseName, BinTYpe, WarehouseID, LocationType, IsPrimary, UnitCapacity, LocationNotes, LocationRegion, TotalQty and ID.
    sellercloud skustack bin information excel template export example

Exporting specific bin information

  1. Open your desired bin in Sellercloud.
  2. Use the Items panel to select product information to export > Export the Inventory.
    sellercloud skustack bin details page choose products and inventory
  3. The file contains the SKUs and their quantities and other relevant info.
    sellercloud skustack export specific bin inventory

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