Bin Management

The Manage Bin Module is located under the Bin tab. Here you can create bins and search inventory in bins.

Creating bins

  1. Press the + sign.
    sellercloud skustack bin creation
  2. Name the bin and complete bin information.
    sellercloud skustack complete bin information
  3. Press Create.
  4. You will be prompted to go to bin to add products.
    sellercloud skustack bin creation notification


Searching for bins

  1. Press the Search icon.
    sellercloud skustack searching for bins
  2. Scan or enter the bin. You can toggle the dropdown to enter a bin name or numerical ID.
  3. All products in the bin will display.
  4. You can then select any product to adjust inventory. You can also slide the product reveal actions to transfer inventory, view product’s inventory in all bins, or view product’s movement.
    sellercloud skustack adjust products in bins
Please note – You can not adjust or set a physical in picking bins. If you need to adjust qty in a picking you must do it through a transfer


Viewing bin details

You can view Bin details, like size, type, and space remaining, to help you determine in which bin a product should be placed.

Space remaining is calculated based on bin size and product dimensions. Bin dimensions can be added in Skustack when creating the bin. Currently, dimensions can be updated to existing bins through Sellercloud.

  1. On the bin page, slide the page down to reveal View Details.
    sellercloud skustack viewing bin information
  2. A pop-out will display the details.
    sellercloud skustack viewing bin details


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