Adjusting Bin Quantities in Skustack

Understanding bin quantity adjustments

Reasons for bin adjustments in Sellercloud result from miscounts, loss due to theft, etc. If you find that there are differences between what is recorded between Sellercloud and the actual bin quantity in the warehouse / your external inventory system, Skustack makes these adjustments simple.

Picking bins cannot be adjusted. Quantity increases/decreases to picking bins are done by transfers to/from normal bins.

Adjusting bins

From the product tab

  1. Product tab > Product info card > Click Magnifying glass.
  2. Scan a product or choose search for the product, press Go.
Spinner Label search parameters – Sku/Upc/Alias, Name/Manufacturers SKU, or EAN (European Article Number)
  1. Select Bins icon.
  2. Select the appropriate bin by either by typing the Bin Name or scanning the bin barcode.
  3. Use the Arrow to indicate whether products are added or removed from the bin.
    sellercloud skustack add or subtract products from bin
  4. Scan the products’ SKUs as many times as you wish to manually change the quantity.
    1. Click in the Adjustment field to bring up the number pad and type the correct quantity,
    2. Or, use the up/down carats to manually adjust the quantity.

From the Bin tab

  1. Bin tab > Manage Bin > Click Magnifying glass.
  2. Scan the bin or enter the Bin Name you are adjusting.
  3. You will see all of the SKUs that are contained in the bin.
    sellercloud skustack view bin contents and products
  4. Click on your desired product. Follow steps 5 and 6 of From the product tab.


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