Exporting Bin Information

You can export information on your Bins trough the Sellercloud web interface. Navigate Inventory > Warehouses > Manage Warehouse Bins Select desired bins. Click Action Menu > Download All Bins. The file contains info on the BinName, WarehouseName, BinTYpe, WarehouseID, LocationType, IsPrimary, UnitCapacity, LocationNotes, LocationRegion, TotalQty and ID. Exporting specific […]

Receiving RMA Items

Receiving RMA items In the RMA module, you can receive returned items. This functionality will update the items qty in the receiving bin and warehouse, as well as update the RMA status in Sellercloud. Often, you may want the warehouse to receive the item back into the sellable inventory until […]

Create Products Module

Introducing Create Product module You can add products to the Sellercloud system through the Skustack app. Learn how to add products directly from Sellercloud here. The Create Product module is located under the Products Tab. Working in Create Product module To create a new product in Skustack: Tap the + sign. […]

Receiving POs

Understanding po reception in Skustack The Receive PO module enables you to receive PO qty directly into bins. SKU quantity on a PO can be received with 4 options: Search by ID- Receives a single PO. Search All- To receive a single product in multiple PO’s. You will be able […]

Product Info Module

Accessing the Product Info module The Product Info Module is located on the Product tab. This module lets you view and manage product information. To access the Product Info module: Select the Search icon. The window opens to a Search tab. Select the product search type from the drop-down list. You […]

Flagged Products Module

Introducing the Flagged Products module The Flagged Products module is located under the Products tab. A product flag is a way of tagging an item for better management, such as flagging an item as Defective. This article provides information on how to: Create and manage sub-flags Flag products Search for […]

Picklist Order Labels

Picklist Orders Labels are verification labels that an order has been picked. There are 2 types of picklist order labels: Label One – contains OrderID, OrderSou0rceID, TotalQtyPicked, TotalQtyRequired, ShipCarrier Label Two – contains OrderID, OrderSourceID, ProductID, TotalQtyPicked, TotalQtyRequired, ShipCarrier Label One is printed when orders are fully picked. Let’s say […]

Kitting Module

The Kitting module is located under the Products tab. This module let’s you assemble and disassemble independent kits. This feature is typically used for kits being sent to FBA. Read more about kits here.   Assemble Kits Press the tool icon. The action dropdown should be set to Assemble. Scan a […]

Inventory Transfer Tab Overview

The inventory transfer tab is used when units are being transferred to their actual storage bin after receiving, or need to be transferred to another location, for non-picking related reasons. You can also transfer inventory between SKUs if you determine, for example, that a mistake was made in SKU counting. […]