Setting up ShipBridge for Skustack

Skustack integrates with ShipBridge, Sellercloud’s shipping app. Here’s how to set up ShipBridge to work with Skustack: Set up locations and stations in ShipBridge. In ShipBridge navigate to Menu > Options > Shipping tab > enable When using multiple warehouses, deduct inv qty from the proper warehouse (based on location). – […]

Serial Info Module

Accessing Serial the Info module Skustack makes it easier for you to track serials exactly where they are at all times. The Serial Info module is located under the Product tab. In this module, you can find information associated with any serial number. Finding information by serial number Enter a serial […]

Product Based Picking Module

The Product Based Picking module is located under the Picklist tab.Product based picking enables you to easily pick all units on a picklist. This option gives you an effective workflow for single item orders.It can be done in 2 ways: Search by Picklist- Search for a specific picklist and pick […]

Picklist Tab Overview

The picklist module manages picking items for orders.When an item is picked from a bin, it is automatically transferred to a warehouse “PickingBin”. The picking bin is created by the system, with a unique picking bin for every warehouse. For example, Default Warehouse with ID “86” will have a picking […]

Viewing Bin Movement

Understanding bin movements With Skustack, you can easily view your product’s bin movements. Skustack records all inventory movements and keeps your quantities accurate at all times. Viewing bin movements in Skustack Bin movement can be viewed on the Bin Movements Module, which is located under the Bin tab. Tap the […]

Creating and printing ITF-14 barcodes

Introducing ITF-14 barcodes Even if the manufacturer includes the ITF-14 barcode on their boxes, you must add the ITF-14 to the actual products so it is associated with the product. ITF-14 barcodes will include both the UPC and the quantity of items in a box, and are designed for boxes […]

Adjusting Bin Quantities in Skustack

Understanding bin quantity adjustments Reasons for bin adjustments in Sellercloud result from miscounts, loss due to theft, etc. If you find that there are differences between what is recorded between Sellercloud and the actual bin quantity in the warehouse / your external inventory system, Skustack makes these adjustments simple. Picking […]

Picking Replacement Products using Skustack

Information on how to set up replacement products in Sellercloud. Information on generating a picklist. Replacement products using Skustack Click Picking Tab > Order Based > open picklist > Replace. Click the check box next to the product you want to use to replace > Select > Pick. You are […]

Performing Bin Cycle Counts

Understanding Bin Cycle Count You may want to compare quantities in warehouse bins against what Sellercloud has recorded. Skustack’s Bin Cycle Count feature helps you to scan bins and then run audit reports to determine count discrepancies. This can be done by having one employee do the inventory audits in […]

How to Fix Login Issues

Clear the server cache. More info is available here. Then on the same page, type your team name into the team name field and click the button to fetch the Web Service URL from the team name. Click back to go back to the login page. Close the app completely. […]